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The most beautiful stations of Moscow's Metro

The scale of the "Palace for the People" underground is colossal. Only the very best architects, engineers and painters were consulted in the construction and design of the stations. No expense was spared in the building materials.  The cladding and panels for example, are made from approximately a hundred different types of marble. Sumptuous materials and precious stones were imported from all over the world.

Many of the station walls are adorned with panels of Florentine mosaic. This technique, originating from the Italian Renaissance, was introduced to Russia where it was allowed to flourish due to the abundance of precious and semi- precious stones which Russia is famous for. The Florentine mosaics consist of natural stone instead of colored glass.  Even the mosaic panels made out of Smalt (deep blue paint made from silica, potash and cobalt oxide), display incredible artistry and can be seen in the Mayakovskaya and Komsomolskaya stations.  With the help of the Metro plan, four of the stations chosen in this website are easily accessible and are situated directly on the circle lines.

You only need to buy one ticket for the whole journey.  You can buy these directly from the counter at the entrance of any station for around 30 Rubles (april 2013).  You just have to ask for, “Odnu pojezdku, poshaluista!” (A single ticket please).  You then receive a ticket which enables you to travel to as many stations as you wish as long as you remain underground. There is no ticket control on the train or at the exits.